Debt Counselling Pretoria

Credit Matters is South Africa’s Leading National Debt Counselling Company. We can help those living or working in Pretoria who have problems with paying their debts each month.

Help is at hand. For a FREE no obligation ASSESSMENT on whether you qualify for debt counselling, contact us today.

Is debt taking over your life?

Credit Matters can help you take control of your life. Since 2007, we have been providing professional debt counselling services to individuals and families in Pretoria.

Our mission is to simplify debt management and repayment. From debt assessment to repayment schedule, we are committed to helping you overcome your debt.

Our counselling sessions are professional, prompt, compassionate and confidential. Clients receive free assessment reports to understand their outstanding debt. We also negotiate with each client’s creditors to reduce the amount the pay each month in order for them to have enough money to live freely. Call us now to book a free, no-obligation assessment.