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About Credit Matters

Credit Matters is one of the largest, national debt counselling businesses in South Africa. We started operating in July 2007 after the National Credit Act came into existence. Amongst other things, provision is made in the Act for the registration of debt counsellors and for debt restructuring for over-indebted consumers.

Debt counselling is designed to make it possible for over-indebted consumers to continue servicing their debt installments owing to their creditors. We do this by negotiating with creditors for a smaller repayment amount over a longer period of time. Suffering under the yoke of debt is not the answer, and with an easy repayment method, you can correct your debt issues in a far shorter period of time then you would have ever possibly imagined.

Even though we are based in Cape Town, we can assist clients from anywhere in South Africa as we can handle the whole application procedure via fax, email and telephone. It is not necessary for you to visit our offices. We do this to make the process open to everyone, anywhere in our country.

To us, it makes sense to get affordable, professional help when trying to figure out how to manage debt. This is a proactive move on the part of the consumer and helps regain control in an already overwhelming situation. Taking refuge under debt review doesn’t remove the responsibility of making repayments but it does make it easier in a safe, supportive environment and, without the risk of judgments and repossessions – the burden is certainly lighter.

We are the debt counsellors to trust.

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