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THANK YOU!    We used to go to sleep with all sorts of worries about debt and our family. With 4 children we could not take the stress of being hounded for outstanding debt. A friend referred us and now we can say…

Sam and Mary Anne


Thank you Credit Matters for the great service.  I am now looking at getting out of debt FINALLY and putting the stress behind. (Say thanks to the team at Credit Matters and tell them it was all worth it.)  When I …

Charl Frank

Cape Town

Credit Matters came through for me.  I was struggling but they were able to help so that I had more money each month.. Thank you to Mariam and her team for all the great work and effort.  I RECOMMEND that you g……

Andiswa Nkosi


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About Debt Counselling


South Africa has pioneered Debt Counselling to help ordinary South Africans get out from under the burden of debt. The system is unlike any other found internationally. Great strides have been made by all the stakeholders to realise the ambition of getting ordinary South Africans out from under the burden of debt.

What makes our debt management system unique is that it was created with the political will to see emancipation for those who have struggled with debt over years. Since the inception of the National Credit Act in 2007, the process has only got better as the Act and Regulations have been updated to provide for a workable solution.

Are you battling to pay your debts? 

You are not alone.  Many South Africans are over indebted but are you one of the wise South Africans who have approached a debt counsellor for a debt rescue and to help alleviate the stress and crippling situation that threatens your lifestyle and financial stability.

Don’t rush off and get further into debt until you have spoken to Credit Matters… South Africa’s Largest Debt Counsellors.

As debt counsellors, Credit Matters will contact your creditors and arrange for a reduction in the amount you pay each month for outstanding debt. The advantage is that with a lower instalment you will be able to pay off your debt and afford to live.

Are you and your partner overwhelmed by outstanding debt?

Not doing anything to minimise your financial burden can ultimately take a toll on your personal and professional life. Whatever your circumstances, however hopeless, do not let creditors intimidate you.

Credit Matters is a prominent debt counselling agency, offering practical and sustainable solutions to build a community of debt-free South Africans.

As one of the largest debt counselling companies in the country, we offer comprehensive debt management plans and services to alleviate your financial burden.