Debt Counselling Cape Town

Credit Matters is South Africa’s Leading National Debt Counselling Company. We can help those living or working in the Cape Town who have problems with paying their debts each month.

Help is at hand. For a FREE no obligation ASSESSMENT on whether you qualify for debt counselling, contact us today.

Struggling to pay off your debts?

You are not alone.

Credit Matters provides professional debt counselling in Cape Town. As one of leading debt counsellors in South Africa, we take immense pride in assisting clients regain control of their financial lives.

We develop customised plans to help clients ease their financial worries and meet their financial goals. To date, we have helped 1000 people in South African to pay off debts and live a financially healthy life. We negotiate with each client’s creditor to minimise the amount of instalment they pay each month. Call us now to find out your debt management options.