What is Debt Mediation?

The term “debt mediation”, might be considered a more uncommon term than other for consumers. That is because it is used between a debt counsellor and creditors, which generally doesn’t include the consumers’ participation. It typically involves the entire process of negotiating the settlement of your debt with creditors, which in return allows you to pay a more affordable amount than what is owed.

This amount leans more towards what you can afford, rather than what you owe and helps you settle your debt, rather than having to worry about how you’re going to afford it or duration it will take to repay it.

It is thus a debt reduction or elimination strategy, for those who cannot pay the instalments of their debt in full.

One doesn’t have to hire a debt consultant for debt mediation and can negotiate an adjusted or decreased payment plan by yourself. It is, however, more challenging to do so. Hiring debt mediation companies are far more likely to be successful, than trying to do it yourself.

The Role of Debt Mediation Companies

Debt mediation companies can be very helpful for you to deal with your financial situation, debt and of course, creditors.

Their role entails contacting creditors and negotiating a proper settlement, to suit their clients’ needs, meaning you’ll be paying back less than you owe. If your debt mediator is very good, he/she can even have your debt reduced by 40% to 60%, which is quite a lot if you think of the initial amount you owe now.

When you work with a debt mediator, you’ll also be receiving a lot fewer phone calls from financial institutions or creditors, as they will only remain in contact with your mediation representative and are not permitted to contact you.

When receiving help from a debt mediation company, you’ll have to sign a Power of Attorney agreement, that states you’re legally represented by them and that they are authorised to manage your debt and contact creditors on behalf of you.

Why You Should Seek Help from a Debt Mediation Company

The number one reason why it might be best for you to make use of these services is that it will allow your creditors to receive still a percentage of the balance you owe them, which is usually why they settle.

Having a company represent the possibility of reducing your debt, will urge them to do so, which will allow you to get out of debt and recover your finances faster.

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