The Importance of a Good Credit Score

From the moment you are able to work as a paid employee, open a bank account and have access to things, such as buying on credit, applying for a loan or even buying a home of your own, responsibility kicks in and you have to be able to maintain a perfect credit score to do so.

From everything you buy to all the money you accumulate, as well as paying your bills and accounts on time, a score is calculated accordingly. This score which refers to your ‘credit score’, is more important than people think and is often neglected as many enter into credit agreements or spend more than they can afford and struggle to pay it back.

The importance of a good credit score

The health of an individuals credit all depends on how high your credit score is. The higher the score, the more freedom you have to make a loan and ultimately borrow money from credit institutions and banks at the lowest interest rates.

If you have a low score, you are at a much higher risk of having your credit application rejected. If, however, you manage your credit appropriately, lenders and banks will find it beneficial for them to loan you money. Having a bad credit score results in the opposite and you’ll have a really hard time obtaining credit.

Calculating your credit score

Your credit score can only be calculated by a credit bureau that makes use of your credit report. These bureaus consider your income, your method of payments, the amount of debt you have on your name and how it all compares to others that have a good credit score.

What are the factors that influence your credit score?

There are a few factors that influence your financial history, which all adds to the outcome of your credit score. This includes transactions with banks, retailers and other lenders in general. Your entire credit history will thus determine the money you’ve borrowed in your life and how well you have kept to making payments.

Making payments on time is the number one thing that affects your credit score and the overall status of your ability to make loans and make use of credit freely. Your credit score is a very important factor in your overall financial well being and must be taken seriously at all times.

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