The Equation Behind Saving Money and Retiring Early

If you’re a human alive in the world today, then either you know all about the millennial their ways of thinking, or you are one yourself.

What exactly is “their way of thinking”?

Well, we’re not sure we’ve ever seen a generation of individuals who are comfortable with just quitting their jobs on the spot, or starting a company of their own from nothing, and quit their jobs before they even know it will be a success, to begin with.

Even though they may seem reckless to the older generation, they have an edge to them, that allows them to think outside of the box, and while being reckless isn’t necessarily always a good thing, having the right idea or plan in mind and not having one scary bone in your body to carry it out, is a major advantage.

What does this really have to do with retiring early, well…It has everything to do with it. Especially, given the fact that millennials believe in a term called “financial freedom” and living an extraordinary life, more than anything else.

The believable equation of retiring early

It’s called making an investment, or two, or half a dozen. It is something “smart” individuals, whatever that means, tap into throughout their career.

Now, making an investment can mean a variety of things. It can simply refer to something you choose to save your money for, but in the same breath, it could also mean betting on something in which the odds seem entirely in your favor.

Even though there are many advice, books, and recommendations on what to invest in, specifically in 2018 and the years to come, there is also such a thing as a wrong investment. A wrong investment refers to placing your money somewhere where it doesn’t grow, but you lose money. A good example of this type of investment, for instance, is cryptocurrency. One of the biggest mistakes people who are on the brink to retire or are already retired have made is investing all their life’s savings in cryptocurrency, which completely ruined the point of “life savings”, as they lost all their money.

You know that saying that goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Well, it means exactly what it suggests.

Even though making investments can seem unrealistic and like a waste of time, if you’d like to retire early, then investing in something such as real estate, developments, the right minerals (forex trading) and more, could potentially allow you to retire earlier than you ever would have, should you only rely on your 8 to 5.

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