When it comes to budgeting, most people tend to go into a panic. It’s because they don’t like to acknowledge or be reminded of the financial trouble they find themselves in.

Budgeting is thus a word that strikes fear into individuals, households and even business owners.

Some also tend to find budgeting to be a waste of time, and once their income and expenses get pinned down on a piece of paper, they just can’t seem to stick with it, which also leads to them feeling bouts of anxiety.

Choosing a budgeting application to help you stick to your financial goals, is perfect for anyone who struggles to stick to a plan they’ve written down on a piece of paper, or perhaps even saved in a document on their computers.

Given that we live in a time where receiving a notification is something that happens more to us then perhaps even communicating to other people during the day, is yet another reason why getting reminded about your financial plan for each month is so important. Plus, it can be fun too.

Software that makes budgeting much easier

#1 Mvelopes

As a fully-packed featured online budgeting app, that is merely based on the traditional envelope budgeting, treating your savings as an expense that you can’t reclaim for spending money, is probably one of the best ways to save money and stick within your budget.

On this app, you’ll be able to mark what your intended ‘envelopes’/ money, is for, and once you’ve marked it, the app holds you accountable to not use it, at least not until you’ve reached your next payday.

#2 Quicken

As one of the best budgeting apps online, Quicken, is also considered old-fashioned, but provides you with all the features you need to budget your finances. In fact, it’s so developed, that it can even link to your bank and credit accounts, which allows for even more accountability, all while reducing reckless spending.

You can now even add Quicken to your computer, which will also remind you to stay on track where needed.

#3 CountAbout

As a browser-based software, with a basic and intermediate budgeting version, this app might cost you a little bit of money, but it’s completely worth it.

CountAbout can connect to any of your financial institutions, as well as your transactions, and will help you stay on track with your expenses and even import your transactions from other sites, which places everything on a neat layout for you to work off during the month.

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