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The Daily Voice – Women and Money 1 – March 2011

March 8 was International Womens Day and once again it shone the spotlight directly onto how much women all over the world do, on a daily basis. Women today have so much on their plates. They  have to see to the children, the house, their jobs, their partners and always LASTLY themselves. And since we are always the ones taking responsibility for everything, its not surprising that its women who are taking the reins of the finances in the household. And why not? We see to everything else, don’t we?

There are a few guidelines that you are always being told to follow, with regard to your money. One   tip we always get is, to save. But for many of us women, mothers and especially single mothers – that just doesnt seem to be realistic. We have to see to the necessities, barely have any money left for luxuries, so the idea of saving, actually seems quite ridiculous.

Though we really should take the concept of “paying yourself  first” a little more seriously. Look at it as “minimum wage” for everything you do. Try and put aside a small amount every time you get paid. If you want to keep it for emergencies, thats all good and well. At least you’ll have some money in reserve. But  I suggest you put it aside for YOU. For when you need or want something for yourself. Because as a mother and woman, you surely deserve it. The secret to successful saving is simple. Start saving now and in small amounts, you will be surprised at how fast it grows.

Acknowledging that you deserve something for yourself, also goes a long way towards financially, socially and economically empowering yourself.

Moeshfieka Botha is Media and Communications manager of Credit Matters, the largest Debt Counselling Company in South Africa. She is also  a debt expert on Women24. For more information, visit, call 086 111 6197 or email her at