Can Bankruptcy Prevent Eviction?

Can Bankruptcy Prevent Eviction? If you have struggled to pay your bills, particularly your rent, then you might have already received an eviction notice, and while you’re left feeling hopeless, as you might be forced to move out of your apartment or home soon, there is still hope for you to stop the entire process [...]

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Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Employment?

Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Employment? If you've heard about bankruptcy before, you've probably thought to yourself that it would be the final resort for you should something ever go wrong financially. If you are struggling to pay all your bills or make money faster than you must spend it, there might be a few worries [...]

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What to Know About Declaring Insolvency in South Africa?

What to Know About Declaring Insolvency in South Africa? While letting go of your immovable property seem like something you never thought you would have to result to, of course, life happens and while making one or two debts seemed like something you could manage at the time, it might seem like something completely unimaginable [...]

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Applying for Bankruptcy

Applying for Bankruptcy If you’re looking for information regarding bankruptcy, what it entails and how to go about applying for it, chances are you find yourself in a very difficult financial situation and can’t find a way to pay back your debts, which is why you’re filing for bankruptcy.   What exactly is bankruptcy? It [...]

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