3 Reasons Why Budgeting Can Help Solve Your Financial Problems

Lay your money in front of you and start counting it. Do you feel stressed or relieved?

Even though this is something simple to do, most people won’t do it, because their scared of knowing exactly how much they have. Perhaps you haven’t been thriving in your career, or you can’t seem to kick the habit of making debt, which is another major problem for about 80% of individuals in South Africa.

If debt didn’t exist, the chances of households being in a healthier relationship with their finances would’ve been much higher.

Those who plan for tomorrow by writing or typing it out on paper is goal oriented to what they’d like to achieve with their finances. These individuals aren’t half as stressed as those who don’t plan their expenses for the month. Those individuals are often the ones that also don’t have money left to save at the end of the month.

Budgets are important tools to help you stay alert and wary as to where you are financially, and help you plan for the future.

How budgeting can help solve your financial problems

  1. Budgeting will help build your savings

If you don’t have a benchmark, which is worked out for you by a budget, you’ll be more prone to spend more money, which you could have instead saved. Imagine if you saved R1000 on your daily, especially your weekend, activities, for a year? That’s R12000 you wouldn’t have had otherwise. So, instead of going to three restaurants this week, why not limit it to one?

  1. Budgeting will help you plan and stick to long-term financial goals

If you have a plan for your life, which is somewhat a little more lavish than those around you, you have greater ambition, or you have a goal as to how much you’d like to save for retirement, this can all be done by saving the same amount of money each month. Try making it a proper amount and increasing it each year. Another tip is to treat it as an expense, which means, you can’t use it once saved.

  1. Budgeting will help you get out of debt

As one of the biggest financial problems people seem to have today, you can get out of debt much faster, knowing that you’re not allowed to spend money on credit because it’s not in your plan. Taking it one step further, you can also request limits on your credit cards, to avoid overspending, should it be a problem.

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